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ECOPETROL LLP is one of the best Kazakhstan oil companies, a vertically integrated holding. Oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemistry, a tire complex and a gas station network are stably developing as part of the Company's production complex.

The ECOPETROL LLP also participates in the capital of the financial (banking and insurance) sector. Today, the Oil Refinery Complex is a full member of the oil refining industry in Kazakhstan and produces highly competitive, environmentally friendly products, including Euro-5 diesel fuel, aviation kerosene of the RT, TS-1 and Jet A-1, D6 brands, high-index base oils of Group II and III. With the completion of the project.

It is planned to produce a wide range of products of high oil processing. Already today, the ECOPETROL LLP occupies a worthy place among the largest participants in the oil refining industry in Kazakhstan, shaping the market and is known far abroad. ECOPETROL LLP continues to invest in its fixed assets for the utilization of associated gas in accordance with its plan, which will allow the Company to achieve over 95% of gas utilization at all developed fields.

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